Life: There’s just so much of it

There will be more to see here soon. I’m currently pretty thoroughly occupied with meat-space activities. The main thing right now is a talk for the upcoming meeting of the Consortium for the History and Philosophy of Biology (see their comically outdated website here, featuring the program for their annual conference from two years ago).

Also ongoing is the planning for the upcoming HAPSAT conference. If you’re seeing this, you almost certainly have also already seen me advertising for it, but feel free to click on the website again. I get an almost unseemly satisfaction from watching the stat counters that tell me how many people looked at it. I love collecting internet points.

Also ongoing is my preparation for my specialist exam, the qualifying oral exam which puts me one thesis proposal away from being done All But Dissertation.

And of course, crammed in between the spaces left by those things is the preparations for my wedding. All four of those things will be over, one way or the other, in the next month. After that, I can get back to leisure activities like making blog.


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